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    Make Your Passion A Success.

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  • My priorities...

    I am a Dad, an entrepreneur, a digital marketing and tech expert and a futurist.

    But to be honest. I am a Dad 1st. Futurist 2nd. Marketing Tech Guy 3rd.

    Pre covid. It wasn't always that way around.


    As I did in person - live talks and training sessions - with my training company www.greatmarketingworks.co.uk.


    And was launching multiple companies. And got ill probably as I was working a bit too hard.


    As inspiring companies and people to change using my 20+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, business and technology.

    I love this as...

    As remote working and the digital transformation underpinning this are the next revolution in business. And they will be the future of work... How do I know this?


    I don't (100%) but as a futurist I have been successfully seeing the future in technology for over a decade.

    Sometimes creating successful startups in the sectors I picked as future winners. Sometimes not.

    It is due to this life experience that I get asked to be a #digitalmarketing and #tech expert - on radio and TV. On BBCWorld, BBC Breakfast, Channel 4, ITV, and local and national radio stations. As well as on numerous podcasts and webinars.

    What else?

    I'm a tech and digital marketing expert by day. And a future of work / tech 4 good startup evangelist by night.


    During my day I get to work on www.YourFLOCK.co.uk - a tech startup and management development tool for remote working teams.

    And also get asked to talk about tech, the future of work and digital marketing in person. And on the TV, podcasts, radio and online...

    During my spare time I try to help Diversity And Inclusion in the digital and creative sectors in Manchester with the MPA and TheBigIDEA.


    Which is really important to me - for the future of the world.


    I was also on The Fast Fix: Diabetes on ITV. Which was the inspiration for me to start a non for profit. After I successfully put my own #Type2Diabetes into remission with diet and lifestyle changes alone.
    And wrote a book about it.

    But back to work stuff. In summary. I have 25+ years in entrepreneurship and all round marketing and promotions. I have 20+ years experience in B2C marketing, 15+ in B2B marketing, 14+ years in Digital and 8+ years in Social and Mobile Marketing. And probably the same about in media appearances and being a guest on TV and Radio.

    With my new passion being My TedxTalk "The Future Of Work Is Not What You Think...."


    Warning - some of this is personal and often political.

    But mainly about the future of work, Man City, Dan's adventures, and society as he sees it.