• Keynote, trainer and now TedxTalk speaker.
    Expert / guest on national TV and
    on radio and podcasts.
    Dan talks about:
    • The Future Of Work
    • Technology
    • Digital Marketing
    And has done for almost 20 years.

    Find out more about him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.


    And the company most recent company he co-founded called Your FLOCK.

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    Then do be in touch below.

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  • He also writes on LinkedIn.

    And blogs with his thoughts, musings, and ruminations about the future.

    FEELING: I AM NOT FEELING WELL. Sadly, I have the lurgy that is going around. And no. It is not covid. I have tested for that. But I am writing this newsletter on the temporal high of a mass of Lemsips and home cold remedies. And the adrenalin of hosting our event for Your FLOCK the team...
    So much happening in the world of work this fortnight for Your FLOCK - the team engagement platform to unpack. Some around the great reception that my TedxTalk has had (The talk is finally out of TedxTalk jail for a crime it did not commit….) In the talk I talk about the future of work and...
    If you have been hiding under a rock. Or you don’t do social media types things. You won’t know that Elon Musk — the world’s richest man — has taken over Twitter. In a move worth some $46 billion dollars. Which is a large amount of money even for someone worth $286 billion. So what will Elon do...
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