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What Is Enclothed Cognition, and How Did It Inspire My Collaboration with DressCode Shirts and My New Book OVERCOME?

DressCodeShirts sponsors a special edition of my new book...

As someone who's experienced firsthand the journey to overcoming the fear of public speaking, I found there is more to captivating an audience than just what you say:

“It’s how you say it AND how you present yourself.”

This realisation led me to a game-changing collaboration with DressCode Shirts, a brand that embraces "enclothed cognition" – the deep connection between your clothes and mindset.

When I initially discovered DressCode Shirts and its founder, Andy Boothman, I sensed a shared interest in technology and bold fashion choices. As we began exchanging thoughts and insights. I was lucky enough to be part of their launch many moons ago. Where I spoke about health tech and AI. And to be honest, it was pretty close about the rise of AI from a timeline prediction. Which is great news for a futurist.

But Andy was ahead of the game, from a fashion thinking POV, as some years after the launch we talked about the concept of enclothed cognition. A concept that became increasingly evident in my own career i.e. that our choice of clothing speaks volumes about who we are while significantly affecting our confidence, especially when it comes to public speaking.

Through working together, we saw the opportunity to blend my passion for public speaking mastery with their skill for creating wearable conversation starters like the Climate Code shirt.


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Now, with my obsession with the environment (as helped found an ecological streetwear label over 20 years ago) and this amazing new design. I was very happy to wear it for my TedXTalk in Brighton (see above) and many other times when on stage and doing corporate keynotes or TV appearances.

This continued admiration for what they do has culminated in a special partnership and collaboration. So I am offering customers of DressCode Shirts my new book, "OVERCOME - The Fear of Public Speaking" for FREE. 

Launching on May 24th, this limited edition includes an introduction to our collaboration and provides a special offer–for those who contact Andy Boothman, the book will be yours free of charge (RRP £10) from GumRoad!

I believe everyone can stand tall on stage, conquering their fears. Exploring enclothed cognition and embracing conscious clothing choices can only heighten self-confidence levels and help keep nerves at bay. Thanks to DressCode Shirts’ visionary designs paired with my time-tested strategies for effective public speaking, we've embarked on a unique journey.

The true magic of our collaboration lies in the transformative results that come from understanding and applying enclothed cognition. By incorporating DressCode Shirts into our lives, we not only impact our own mindset but also inspire others through bold visual cues. Whilst learning a new skill, and overcoming the fear of public speaking, you can personally change your own life for the better.

In conclusion, I am thrilled to have teamed up with Andy Boothman and DressCode Shirts. Our partnership paves the way for individuals worldwide to experience the benefits of combining confidence-boosting garments with well-crafted speeches – making you an irresistible force on stage or in any professional setting.
So whether you're navigating the future of work, looking to make your mark on stages or simply eager to bring positive change to your life.

Check out what Dress Code Shirts are doing. And if you are lucky enough, dive into "Overcome; The fear of public speaking” e-book for free - thanks to them - and embark on your transformation today.

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