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The Speaking With Confidence Course

What we will go through on the 90 day course...

This course was created by the accomplished speaker, digital marketing and technology expert, and media personality, Dan Sodergren.

The course is a hands on, practical, course on how you can become a confident, inspiring, and unforgettable speaker for any type of talk you want to give.

With over 1000 talks and workshops under his belt, Dan has been paid by a multitude of organizations to deliver powerful keynotes, host events, and provide training sessions.

His ability to captivate audiences has led him to be featured on television, radio, and countless podcasts, where he shares his expertise in the future of work, remote work, AI and data, and tech startups.

From mastering your body language to crafting a compelling message, to conquering your intial fears to winning over THE crowd. This 90 day online and offline course covers everything you need to know to deliver a memorable presentation that will leave your audience in awe.

So, whether you're preparing for a job interview, a sales pitch, or a keynote address, "Speaking With Confience" will give you the tools you need to deliver a confident, impactful, and unforgettable talk and keep the skill of public speaking forever.

Join Dan Sodergren on learning how to unlock the power of public speaking!

The Course Structure:

- 4 hours per week of online content and learning

- 1 hour per week of individual practice

- 30-minute weekly group Zoom calls

- Weekly personalised one-on-one feedback sessions

- Half-day workshop and certification ceremony at the end of the course.


The Course Modules are:

Module 1: Introduction to Public Speaking and Overcoming Stage Fright

Module 2: Developing Effective Speech Content and Delivery Techniques

Module 3: Using Body Language and Voice to Enhance Your Message

Module 4: Engaging and Interacting with Your Audience

Module 5: Handling Questions, Feedback, and Presentation Preparation

Module 6: Tapping into Your Unique Personality and Developing Confidence

Module 7: Improving Your Presentation Skills through Practice and Feedback

Module 8. Half-Day Workshop and Certification Ceremony


By the end of this course, our attendees for "Speaking With Confidence" will feel empowered and equipped with the skills to become amazing public speakers.

They will have had the opportunity to practise their newly acquired skills through interactive activities, group discussions, and simulated speeches, ensuring that they are prepared to confidently deliver impactful presentations in almost any setting.

We will use both online and offline learning, peer to peer networking, an online community, video and e-learning as well as interactive quizzes and 1-2-1 feedback on your progress and talks to make you the vert best public speaker you can be.