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Creating Change: My Contribution to Supporting Black Women in Business #SalutingOurSisters.

As I give £2000 worth of training to the cause

Hi, I am Dan Sodergren keynote speaker around AI and the future of work. And occasional media spokesperson all about the positive change technology can bring.

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I am offering my leading AI Marketing Course to four deserving black women — entirely for free. Worth more than £2000 representing more than 3% of my turnover this year.

Why Is This Initiative Necessary?

Historically, black women’s contributions to societal breakthroughs and advancements have been overlooked. Their valuable insights and ideas have often been appropriated, their voices silenced. And yet, black women continue to be a potent force in businesses and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Particularly in the tech domain, GTA Women in Tech are testament to this fact. Yet, they and many others need support to make their voices heard and businesses seen on a wider scale. The playing field in entrepreneurship is not level, especially when it comes to funding. As reported by, women receive a significantly smaller portion of available funding. For black women, the gap is even more extensive, as explored by the World Economic Forum.

There’s no denying it — we must do better. Forbes rightly pointed out how investing in black women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs benefits us all. This gap in funding is no longer just a problem but an opportunity for us — a chance to make a difference, promote diversity, and trigger economic growth.

And did you know that research has shown that businesses with Black female founders have $24,000 in annual revenue — about six times less than women-owned businesses overall.

And shockingly, In 2021, Black woman start-up founders received just 0.34% percent of the total venture capital spent in the US. I do wonder what the percent is in the UK. The latest figures might be even worse…

Emerging Positives

But let us not forget: this is not a story of despair but of resilience and determination. The world is slowly recognizing the formidable force that black women are, as showcased by PitchBook’s listing of 82 Black founders and investors to watch in 2023.

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In the spirit of fostering change and promoting inclusivity, I am extending a part of what I do best. Four black women will get free access to my newest AI Marketing Course cohort at

Through this course, they can arm themselves with up-to-date marketing strategies to give their businesses the best chances for success. By offering this small contribution, I hope to help even the odds, create opportunities, and show that #WEMATTER.

Looking Ahead

This is more than a gesture; it is an investment in the potential of black women. As we celebrate this Black History Month 2023, I hope this initiative will inspire others to take similar actions. To all the black women making moves, raising voices, and breaking barriers, I salute you and stand with you.

Change begins with us, with the actions we make today. So let’s come together, seize this moment, and create a fairer, more inclusive world. As someone much wiser than I once said...

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And if you feel you qualify for a FREE place in October

On the AI Marketing Course — drop me an email or DM me on Linkedin.



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