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Did everyone in the world get a bit excited for the #OpenAI Developer Day.

With only 47,000 people on the live stream - out of a potential 4 billion....

Not everyone was there - but it didn’t disappointing…

Hi, I’m Dan Sodergren, a tech futurist and keynote speaker who gets to discuss fascinating things like AI and technology. I’m also a bit of a geek, and recently found myself bubbling with anticipation for the first developer day for Open AI.

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Now, not everyone will agree with my take, but that’s okay. I invite you to join me in this exploration of the future of work, AI, and technology.

Even if you are not an entrepreneur or a marketer, the changes we’re witnessing have implications beyond just business. The reality is that they have the potential to impact nearly everyone within our economy over the next few months or years, whether they realize it or not.

In my view, we are truly on the brink of the 5th industrial revolution, with OpenAI and other tech companies paving the way for us all to capitalize on this massive shift. Here’s a run-through of how they’re enabling us.

My top things from the Developer Day.

GPT-4 Turbo Edition:

This version is better and more budget-friendly than its predecessor, making AI more accessible for startups looking to utilize this tech.

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Up-to-Date World Knowledge:

GPT-4 Turbo has an understanding and recall of data up to April 2023, crucial for businesses that thrive on timely data and predictions.

Greater Contextual Support:

GPT-4 Turbo can handle up to 128,000 tokens of context — ideal for long-form content generation or comprehensive client interaction. This is a DANTE killer…

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Expanding Modalities:

With the addition of image and voice capabilities, AI can be leveraged for streams like multimedia content generation, AI-centric customer service, among others.

Custom Models Program:

It enables creation of personalized AI models, catering to specific use cases and providing more targeted products and services.

Improved Control & Functionality:

Developers now have increased command over the AI’s output, leading to more customisation opportunities. And open AI have a few developers…

JSON Load Introduction:

Through the ability of AI to return valid JSON arrays, the communication between various software components will be quicker.

New Pricing Structure:

A cost-effective solution with a reduction in prices up to 3x for prompt tokens and 2x for completion tokens.

Microsoft Alliance:

This brings in benefits for developers through Azure Credits and access to GitHub Copilot.

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OpenAI's Developer Empowerment:

OpenAI's commitment to providing state-of-the-art AI tools and resources could be a game-changer for AI-centred new business. Proven by the CopyShield. Which is only for the BIG companies but, what does the rest signify for us, the future-of-work thought leaders and the self-proclaimed geeks?

OpenAI’s latest advancements.

The ‘GPT Store’ and AI Agents within ChatGPT, mark an exciting turning point for entrepreneurial vigour. And it’s amazing how quickly they have come about.

The GPT Store, especially, will serve as a goldmine for entrepreneurs craving for dependable and next-gen AI models for a multitude of applications. Furthermore, the store also promises to reward AI creators through revenue sharing, creating a thriving and exultant community of AI enthusiasts.

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The arrival of AI Agents and GPT Store promises to democratise AI, enabling entrepreneurs to shape the future of their industry. The time is right to step up and seize these opportunities, and I hope you do.

So, where can you start?

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As my “good friend” Sam likes to say…

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I believe this too. So...

Let’s embark on this thrilling journey towards a savvier future, together.

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Professional keynote speaker, Ted X talker, serial tech startup founder, ex marketing agency owner, digital trainer, and now media spokesperson Dan Sodergren’s main area of interest is the future of work, technology, AI and data. And those tech startups helping the world become a better place to live and work.

He was co-founder of — the employee feedback platform using machine learning and has just started using artificial intelligence.

In his spare time, as well as being a dad, Dan is a digital marketing and technology expert for TV shows and the BBC. Occasionally donning the cape of consumer champion on shows like BBC WatchDog, the One Show and RipOffBritain and being a marketing tech specialist for SuperShoppers and RealFakeAndUnknown and BBC Breakfast.

He is also a host and guest on podcasts and webinars speaking as a tech futurist. As well as being a guest on countless radio shows. And a remote reporter / content creator for tech companies at tech events and shows.

His main interest is in the future. Be that the future of marketing, or the future or work or how technology will change the world for the better under the #Tech4Good and #Tech4All movement.

Find out more about him over on

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