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Dan Sodergren to host #TedxBrighton

Entrepreneurs, Discover Groundbreaking Ideas at TEDxBrighton 2024

After speaking about AI and the future of work at TEDxBrighton 2022, I'm thrilled to announce my return as the host for TEDxBrighton 2024!

I guess if I am a tech futurist - I should be able to tell the future of tech.

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This year, I'm stepping up to host, promising an event filled with groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions.

Don't miss out, get your tickets to come to the Brighton Dome on Friday 5th April for an amazing day - from 9am - 5pm.

This year, TEDxBrighton challenges us to shift our focus and change the world by paying attention to what truly matters. With a lineup of speakers who are set to surprise and inspire, including Simon Squibb, Hady Milani, Bud Johnston, Gayle Berry, and many more, we're diving into topics far from ordinary.

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There are no ordinary talks and topics at TEDxBrighton this year.

The speakers so far are....

Simon Squibb

Founder of HelpBnk and a TikTok-famous entrepreneur with nearly 4 million followers. His singular focus is "givewithoutake," helping others without expecting anything in return.

Hady Milani

Bridging Space and Sustainability

Get ready to explore the cosmos with Hady Milani, the Scientific Director at the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability (EIIS).

Bud Johnston

Rethinking Anti-Black Racism.

Join Bud Johnston for a profound exploration of anti-Black racism from multiple perspectives.

Gayle Berry

With over two decades of experience in changing the world through love, care, and giving, she is on a mission to nurture the future by focusing on the first 1001 days of life.

Natalie Benmayor

Founder and Creative Director of Capsule Eleven

Mark Blake

Co-founder of Joyfullly Different. Passionate entrepreneur and advocate for neurodivergent individuals.


A visionary artist known for his artistic space missions with NASA, ESA, SpaceX, and other space agencies.

Jessica Chapplow

Founder, Heartificial Intelligence and Forbes 30U30.

James Dempster

Marketer, primary school governor, kids' football coach and public speaker.

Kian Bakhtiari

Classroom troublemaker turned social entrepreneur. Founder of The People.

Amy Polly

Chief Mindfulness Rebel, International Speaker, Neurodiversity Advocate.

Mo Kanjilal Williams

Co-Creator at Watch This Sp_ce, Author, Speaker, Campaigner

...many more to be announced.


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